Our Experience

Zoomi has years of experience in developing, implementing, and supporting massive (>100,000 users) applications. Our projects have been deployed on 3 continents and are used by hundreds of thousands of people worldwide

Our Technology

Zoomi specializes in developing web-based software. The beauty of the web is platform-independence - everything works the same way, whether you use Macs or PCs.

Our Principles

Unparalleled Return on Investment

Zoomi's core AppEngine technology allows our developers to create scalable and secure software in far less time than traditional custom shops. We can deliver consistently superior solutions faster and at a lower cost.

Obsessive Customer Service

Zoomi's project teams use their business process engineering, development, and implementation experience to create a peerless design experience. Our collaboration with your team will be driven by your needs since you understand your business best. We'll use cutting-edge technology to translate your existing processes into streamlined, bombproof workflows.

Tenacious Creativity

Our team loves "unsolvable" problems. Whether creating a single-sign-on (SSO) portal from several unrelated systems, untangling a "black-box" legacy system, or simplifying a complex system, Zoomi doesn't quit until our customers are satisfied.

Our Founders

Chris Addington

Co-founder, Lead Developer... Read more

Lorraine Olson

Co-founder, Business Process Engineer ... Read more

Ben Smith

Co-founder, Implementation Director... Read more